Staycation : Festive Hotel

January 14, 2017
Rating (1 lowest, 5 highest) 

Service - 2

I emailed them many times. I called them many times. It was so hard to just confirm our booking. They don't answer questions as well. I asked if we could have early check in or late check out. No reply. Nothing.

When we checked in, the checkin staff was a bit helpful. He gave the boys a small pack of toys. But no one offered to help us with our luggage. Or to give us directions.

The day we checked out, no one was replying from the front desk. We had to go down and ask if we can be extended. Why the heck would you do a staycation to wake up so early in order to check out so early? No extension is allowed. Even if it was a weekday and an offpeak season at that.

Pool - 2.5

No one was at the towel counter. Funny right?  The pool was ok. I've seen better pools in condos. I guess they have to find way to improve.

Food - NA

We didn't get to try. But as you pass by the lobby you can see the small cafeteria. It wasn't impressive and seemed pricey for a simple local dish.

Room Size - 5

I liked that the room was huge. I guess it was really designed for a family. The loft bed was nice. There was a sofa bed also part from the king bed.

Bed - 2

The king bed was in fact 2 single beds put together. It was very uncomfortable. It squeek a lot and we could feel the spring. I think it's time for a replacement.

The Experience

Despite the negative feed backs above, it wasn't a disastrous Staycation. We got tired but the kids enjoyed it.

We arrived the Resorts World around 330pm. Proceeded to the checkin lobby. It was a fairly quick checkin. The checkin staff handed my little guys this small goodie bag. With this gift, they won my little guy's heart already.

We had to go to another queue to get our free Sea Aquarium pass (came with the staycation package).  Wish they could have given it along with our room keys. It's simplifying the process to make it more convenient for guests. I guess that's just me,

We looked around to find our way (it's our first time!) since there was no instruction given and before we can come back to the counter to ask a few more guests came to keep him occupied.

The room was huge. But old. But by huge all of us were happy already (lol... we are easily pleased)

Paopao was so happy with the loft bed, where we assigned our helper to sleep in haha. It's because she loved it too and anyway my boys always sleep with me.

Here's the master bed. It's supposed to be a king bed. But it's actually 2 single beds placed together. We survived the night without anyone falling down. Phew!

Here's the view from our room

It was a very hot day and we were happy with the complimentary water provided. I did see some vendo machines near the pool (3f) though.

The hotel got Paopao's 3rd thumbs up through these hotel slippers. Baby slippers to twin with Mommy slippers. Okay okay.. they got my thumbs up here too. :D

After a short rest, we decided to head on to the Sea Aquarium. We bought additional ticket ($23 through Carousell + $8 for the Pokemon Experience) for our helper. The two boys were free since they were both below 4. Read on our Sea Aquarium post.

We had dinner at the Texas Chicken in RWS because my hubby is such a fast food lover. But we were so disappointed as the Original tenders that we ordered was accidentally changed to spicy. And the helper didn't check it before giving to the boys. In the end, both boys didn't eat because they won't eat anymore even after the chicken was changed (which by the way, caused us a lot of trouble because Texas at first insisted it was original. Only when the manager intervened that it was proven to be spicy!)

We didn't know that the pool closes at 8pm. :( We managed to swim for about 30 minutes before we were informed that the pool is closing.  

So the first thing we did in the morning was to go back to the Pool!!!! What's a staycation without swimming anyway? Lol. 

The boys didn't stay more than 2 minutes in this shower play area. The water was too strong that it was painful.

Here's the main pool.

Because we started early and because it was a Monday, the boys had the kids pool all for themselves!

Everything was soooo rushed! I guess 2 days 1 night staycation is not recommended especially if checkin time is 3-4pm then checkout is 11am. Who checks out at 11am? Some just wakes up around that time. It's soooo wrong. Will we come again for a staycation? Probably not. There are more hotels to try!

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