Animal Resort

February 12, 2017

It was a pleasant surprise to know that there's a nearby Animal farm. It's very near us yet not easy to reach. There are no nearby bus stop so it's only taxi. I was afraid they won't have food place to eat so we decided to have lunch first at Greenwich V before calling Uber to take us to the Animal Resort. Uber cost was $6.75 (good deal right?!)

It's quite far from the nearest bus stop.

There was a big sign. So you won't miss it.

The place is a bit old. It suddenly felt like we left Singapore!

Huge disclaimer before you begin your day.

They are selling animal food.. 3 for $2.. very affordable!

They have a small pet shop.

There was a small food shop... Thierry's Chalet. I saw they were selling drinks and ice cream. I think they are selling coffee and food too but I didn't ask.

Paopao and Mamon were so amazed by the majestic Peacock!

The Peacock seemed to enjoyed putting on a show!

There weren't a lot of animals but definitely Paopao enjoyed this short trip. This place is more interactive than Singapore Zoo.


Dog Training Camp

Bonus! Blue bird?

The horse was a big hit! Kids loved feeding him with carrots and he welcomed each and every carrot!

The rabbits and the guinea pigs were a hit with the boys too.


You can feed the ducks and the birds in your palm. I was too scared to try it. Paopao tried it but I didn't get to have a picture. :D

Everything in this place screams province... it was old. Rustic. But very homey. At one point I really felt like I went back to our home town in the Philippines.

Paopao and Dandan enjoyed the small playground.

Look who enjoyed this wheel swing!

There was a also a small playarea for younger kids. Paopao patiently waited for the other kids to finish playing with this car for his turn.

The air is very clean! It was supposed to be a hot day but it wasn't hot at all in this area. It was in fact very very nice. Mamon just enjoyed nature.

Paopao immediately showed his dance moves once on the stage! Lol. Funny guy.

 Ah. This place may not be for some. For for me... this is the closest I ever felt to home in Singapore! I wished they had a hammock so I can lie down and stare at the clouds and the sky for a long time.

Paopao got to do ordinary chores... like cleaning. haha.

I sincerely liked The Animal Resort. I'll bring back to boys for another playdate here soon. :)

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