Churros Factory Cafe

February 10, 2017
My boys always have early dinner (5PM), thus when we go to parties where dinner or lunch will be served later, we make it a point to have a light meal before hand to avoid the tantrums game. It was our first time in I12 and there weren't too many options.

Churros Factory had a cozy place. Plus my boys were so interested with their fishes so we decided to give this cafe a try.

Number of Pax: 2 adult, 2 toddlers
Order: 6 pc churros set, 1 vanilla ice cream, 2 soft drinks
Total Cost : ~ $16
Official Page:
Location/Branch:  I12

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 3
Taste : 3
Cost : 3

There weren't many choices. No juice?

And just that churros.. good churros. But just churros.

And more...

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