April 04, 2017
Location1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569932    
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Final Verdict👍
NOTE: This is a late post

I went to Aramsa last year and availed of their weekday massage and facial package. 

The place is a bit an inconvience but at the same time perfect because it's in the park and it adds to the relaxing ambience. So I'm torn.

I like that I got to start the treatment with nice and friendly staff. One even said, "Please enjoy your treatment!" Sweet. The sent me to the changing area and advised me to take a bath for better relaxation. 

After that I was escorted to the waiting area. Either for some snacks or tea. It's a common area, so just wearing a robe was a bit of an inconvenience as the place is shared between men and women. That day was not crowded as it was a weekday but it was still not comfortable. It reminded me of the same setting as the Fullerton.

The wait wasn't long. I was escorted to a room. It was meant for couple as there were 2 beds. So I guess I can call myself as upgraded? Lolz.

The treatment started with a foot bath.

Then the massage. The massage was very relaxing. It was by far the best I ever had in Singapore.

The facial was so-so. It was not amazing but relaxing just the same.

After the treatment you can stay at the waiting area for some tea before leaving the place or just head out. 

There was no hard selling at all! Well they tried to inform me about it but it was one liner and i just said I'll think about it.

I had fun at Aramsa. It was great service. Thanks you guys!  Stay beautiful! 💋

Massage is my favorite day of the week.

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