Easter Gifts

April 12, 2017
Our finished produce! Easter Bunny gift with customized tag!

I like to teach my boys sharing and giving. Thus, in every opportunity they got, I get them to do simple things with me that will instil this value with them.

For Easter, I have prepared simple chocolate cupcakes. I followed the recipe from http://www.food.com/recipe/simple-chocolate-cupcakes-269713

I prepared the regular ones. For the Easter gifts.

And the tiny cupcakes. For the boys snacks at school and at home.

 I got these cute bunny bags online.

I wrapped the cuppies individually.

I printed Easter egg pictures and had the boys color them. Paopao had a blast coloring, and Mamon didn't let Paopao have all the fun. He colored the eggs too!

And yey! Here's what we got! Hope their friends like this simple Easter gift!

Happy Easter everyone! 💋

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- William Barclay

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