Fire Station Open House

April 09, 2017

Location62 Hill Street Singapore 638482    
Opening HoursSaturdays 9AM to 11AM    
Admission FeeFREE
Official Site    

I have always been amazed by the Fire Station Building and I have always wanted to cross the road for a picture but never got to. So I guess today I officially cross off one of the items in my Singapore Bucket list. Hello Pretty Central Fire Station!

It rained quite heavily while we were on our way so I really thought we had to cancel. But like a miracle, it stopped after the tunnel. Well, it was drizzling a bit.

It was easy to spot where it was. Just follow the kids. There were too many kids. I read somewhere they give the hat. But they don't haha. It's $8. But I did wish I brought one for the boys. It's cute right?

They had fire trucks (the huge one and a small one). Ambulances.

Mamon got scared of the crowd.   When he does he refuses to let go of his iPad. This is one of the rare times he actually allowed to be put down. Rest of the time he wanted to be carried. We are training him to walk longer so we purposely did not bring the tandem stroller. But his 15kg is becoming a burden. 

Paopao, the brave guy, himself got so scared of the crowd. He busied himself in the mini platform hosting the flags. He cried whenever we tried to put him near the ambulance or fire truck.

I have to commend the staff. They were full of energy and smiling all the time. Very friendly bunch of Firemen!

 There tirelessly shared information to the curious public.

I thought it wouldn't be so crowded as it was raining but nope. Loads of people.  Be prepared to queue for pictures.

This firetruck was a big hit to the crowd as well as the pole demo.

Over all, it was a fun experience. I would recommend it to older kids. Paopao was too young and scared to enjoy. He was too young to listen to the demo. And Mamon, having autism, just had too much because of the crowd.

Do try it out. These men are very dedicated to their craft and your kids will surely be inspired. Enjoy! 💋

The more we sweat in training, the less we bleed in battle.
- EM

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