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April 05, 2017
My youngest, Paopao, is at the cutest age of all. His baby talks are soooo heart warming and cute.

Let me share with you some of his cute antics.

* * *

There was one day when Paopao was busy with his ipad and so was his brother Mamon. Suddenly, Mamon had a melt down (they don't usually have a specific reason... at least we don't know because he is non-verbal). His dad tried to discipline Mamon by taking away his ipad and telling him to stop kicking and crying. 

Paopao: (The busy Paopao. Stood up in front of his dad - disrupting him of the disciplining part). Annoyed Paopao) "Give me that ipad!" 

Dad: (Thought he was being selfish) "You already have an ipad."

Paopao: (Now visibly and clearly angry. With more force he said) "Give me that ipad!"

Me: (Guessing his intention) Just give it to him

Paopao: (Now with Mamon's ipad) Here Daniel. Don't cry Daniel.

Awwww. My heart. 💕

* * *

Today, I was feeling too sick to get up the bed so the boys got up before me. I saw Paopao leaving just as I woke up. 

Me: "Paopao! Don't leave Mommy"

I heard the sound of door opening and closing. I heard the gate. I sighed. Hmm. My Paopao left me. We always leave the room together.

A few seconds later,  his dad's voice.

Dad: Where are you going?

No answer. Just heavy footsteps.

I opened my eyes and saw Paopao holding his arms reaching for me on the foot of my bed.

Awwww. My heart. 💕

* * *

We watched Moana yesterday. He felt a bit sleepy but he actually watched almost 90% of the movie with me and Ate Meh.

I kept joking that he is Hei Hei the chicken, Ate Meh is Moana and I'm Te Feti.

He was angry and kept saying, "No! I'm not a chicken."

Today, I thought he has forgotten Moana. 

Feeling really sick, I was having a hard time getting up. I told him, "Paopao... help Mommy Hei Hei the chicken."

Angry he said. "No Mommy."

Me. Sad. He won't help me.

Then, he reached out and said: "Come Mommy Moana. I'll save you."

Waaah... my heart. Is about to burst. 💖

* * *

On our recent staycation at the MBS. He was playing with his toy car in the pool when he suddenly dropped one and it went straight down the pool. He started crying. "Mommmmmmyyyy!"

When he's crying I couldn't understand what he's saying.

So when I guessed it was his car. I got him his car back (Good it was baby pool coz I don't know how to dive or swim for that matter haha!). 

In his crying voice he said, "Oh thank you my Mommy!"

Yes dear. I'm yours.  Always and forever. 💘

A boy's best friend is his mother.
- Joseph Stefano

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