Pororo Park

April 25, 2017
Official Website: http://www.pororoparksg.com

Cost: $66 for 2 adults and 2 kids

Seems like we can't get over Mamon's birthday haha. For his Birthday treat,

#1 I bought him a book. He looks books! Be it to eat them, flip them or destroy them.
#2 I bought him a big counting poster. He lovest posters.
#3 I made him skip afternoon school. That has got to be Mommeh's best gift right?
#4 I brought him and Paopao to the Pororo Park!

We arrived just in time for the sing along with Pororo. So we quickly rushed to the theatre. It was.. not a good idea. Lol. Darkness + Loud sound + Rush Feeling = Meltdown. In the end only Paopao and I watched it. Ate Meh and Mamon had to go out. Sad. Mamon loves Pororo songs. Wish they danced in a well lighted environment.

We went around after the Sing Along. There was a large ball pool. With a friendly shark which at first scared Paopao and later he wanted to feed it with chair. 😓

Toddlers and babies have a play area dedicated to them.

Ate Meh and I were more excited with the Pororo house than the boys.

Paopao had fun exploring the house.

Paopao spent a fair bit of good time in the grocery area.

The party area was open for some education playing since there was no party that day.

The giant bouncing area was a hit with the boys.

The cars were free. Paopao would have used a lot of $1 coins if they weren't. haha,

There were scheduled activities for kids but my boys were too young to join them. Not to mention that they aren't free.

Paopao's favorite area!

Even Mamon had fun.

Some brick games for the kids too

Mamon spent a lot of time in this area. Jumping and running around. Freedom!

Like Pororo's house, Ate Meh and I were more excited to let them ride the train rather than the boys actually wanting to. Paopao in fact cried all through the ride.

Characters are not the boys thing. But if you like picture taking, they got a lot in the play ground.

I had 2 rounds of 8 minutes massage in these chairs. No, they aren't free. lol.

 Pretty neat nursery room.

Mamon had some tv time in between playing.

The cafe seemed interesting but didn't get to try it as we were too busy playing.

The boys sure had fun at the Pororo Park but we probably won't visit for a while. It's too expensive apart from Mamon not being totally happy with the darkness while meeting Pororo and friends.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.
- Mr Rogers

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