School Birthday Party

April 23, 2017
Still on Mamon's 4th Birthday. The school allowed us to decorate!!! Yahoo.

For his school party, I got 4 rolls of Swiss Rolls from a bakery at the Admiralty Station. Good deal for the 2 rolls for $5. Tasted quite nice too.

then I baked these mini moist chocolate cupcakes.

Custaroons is the only thing (so far) that I can make with consistency. Lol. So it has to be there.

Taking into consideration that some are vegetarians. Some don't like sweet stuff. I decided to fry some Vegetable Cocktail Samosa and Veggie Spring Rolls.

Nuggets. You can never go wrong with chicken nuggets for kids.

I realized that throwing animal/safari themed party is no longer tough. Fair price sells these cute piggy red beans. They also have bunny version! How adorable.

We didn't know we could set up the lunch area so we were not prepared. Lolz. I didn't even bring forks or mini plates. 

We displayed our balloons. With Paopao doing the QA.

And here's our final look.

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. 
- Agatha Christie

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