My Kids

May 07, 2017
My readers are probably familiar now that I have 2 kids. Mamon and Paopao. But I guess I have never really talked about how I got their nicknames.

I'm a food lover before becoming a Korean lover. Lolz. So both their names are after food.


Mamon is a very popular snack/dessert in the Philippines. It's a creamy sponge cake.


Siopao is a hot bun. Philippines' version to Big Bao.

Coincidence or not, the boys are growing up according to the characteristics of their nicks. 

Mamon is soft. Gentle and fragile.

Paopao is big and strong. Sturdy and easy to handle.

I don't want my kids to follow my footsteps. I want them to take the path next to me and go further than we could ever dream of.

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