Nordic Adventure with Sanrio

The best playdates are really the unplanned ones. I got my son some Kinder Surprise Eggs containing airplanes so he's been bugging me to go to the airport to see some real airplanes. Having nowhere to go yesterday we decided to go to the Changi Airport to give him as much airplane sight seeing as he wanted.

And we found ourselves in a Nordic Adventure with Sanrio Characters.

I got excited to see a mini tent with Northern Lights label. But nah. Nothing fascinating inside.

We rushed to view the show. But we only got to go to the Photo Ops with the twins.

As we spent $60 on food and other items, we got free tickets to the snow play area for 2. So me and Paopao came inside. Wished we got have brought Mamon and Ate Meh inside as it was soooo fun!

Event Details

Date26 May - 26 June, 2017 from 12pm to 11pm
LocationChangi Terminal 3
Official SiteLink

Don't ask your child to live in your world. Visit their world instead.

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