9, 19, 29 ...

June 29, 2017
It's the age before becoming perfect. My parents believed that it's the unluckiest year. They would celebrate it and pretend a year older to somehow evade the bad luck.

I didn't believe them. 

But this year was terribly bad for me. 
Career wise. It is terrible. 
Relationship wise. It is terrible. 
Money wise. It is terrible.

And now death. 

My gradeschool/highschool classmate passed away this morning. I didn't fee like crying. I got sad. Ofcourse.

I got scared. We are of the same age. What if it happens to me? What will happen to my kids?

Now. 10 hours later. I find myself crying. She was my bestfriend. She understood me. Stood by me. She was patient with me. She made my gradeschool and high school life fun. She was a huge part of my life.

And she's gone.

October come now please. 

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