June 08, 2017
We had lunch at Chili's yesterday because I got confused on the location of Waka Waka. One thing's for sure, Chili's Clark Quay managed to retain its terrible service! Haha. 

I recall the very bad experience we had last time we were here but I thought that the servers would have been replaced by now. But noooo. She's still there haha! It's horrible! And more horrible now with another being equally unfriendly!

We arrived 5 minutes earlier and asked if we could sit and wait for opening. He flatly said NO. Well. I would have left haha except that I wanted to use our starhub 1-for-1 main.

The main waitress was very fierce. When we asked to sit in one place she said don't let the kids walk around. 😒 as if i want that.

Then when we asked if certain dishes are spicy. She was very very annoyed haha. Hey dear! It's part of your job to know the dishes and to recommend. 😒

When the drinks arrived, the boys were curious. And tasted it. She went back and said its not for sharing. And she will only allow one refill because of the incident. What the F! The boys took a sip. And didn't even like it. 😒😒😒

The food toooook forever to arrive. 

To be fair, the boys loved salmon and the rice. 

And the bill took a good 20minutes to be settled! Okay. Next time, I will check if she's still there. If she is, I'm skipping Chili's. (Note another waitress apologized for her and said she's really just like that--- I dunno if she meant really angry with the world or just hate kids) 

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