Sunday, June 18, 2017


District 10

LocationStar Vista
OrderFinger foods
Pax> 50
Total Cost~$10k
Official SiteLINK


Note: 1 lower, 5 highest

Final Verdict👍
We were welcomed with this wrist tag. It felt like we were about to enter the Kids indoor playground LOL. Okay, we were gonna enter the adult's drinking playground!

I'm not really a drinker but when boss offers you a drink you can't say no and say Coke please right? So yeah. I gulped this down. Feeling dizzy less than 15 minutes in the party. 

I didn't expect them to have good food thus it was a welcome surprise!

I was particularly impressed by this pizza. I loooove pizza. And this pizza is probably one of the best in Singapore (or am I drunk?)

When one is learning, one should not think of play; and when one is at play, one should not think of learning.