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June 07, 2017
I liked Fidget even before coming for a visit! A friend forwarded their FaceBook page and I sent them an inquiry if the $10 promo is still valid. They replied sooo fast! And very courteous too!


Sixth avenue was like province for us. Never been here before. It looks so nice!

It's our first time at the Grandstand and its not very near us. Took a bus to Serangoon MRT, then circle line to Botanic MRT then transferred to Downtown line to Sixth Avenue. Then we waited for the shuttle bus to the mall. Took us almost an hour to reach!

We went in through PasarBella then escalator to 2nd floor.


I loved the aura of the place! Unlike the other indoor playgrounds who seemed so stuffy and crowded, Fidget is sooo much spacious.

This is a very neat shoe rack

The moms are all chillin and relaxing haha. Chitchatting with other moms. There are so many outlets around for us to be charge our gadgets! How thoughtful! Wifi is free too.

There were so many sockets! I loved it! :D

The place is very clean. They got nursing room and large toilet.

Party Rooms

Very nice party rooms!

Here are their party packages.

Play Area

Toddler area was very spacious too! Paopao got into a fight when a nanny scolded him. I had to step in and ask her problem as my boy was crying. Tiger mom here.

The boys loved the big boy activity area. I'm toooo fat to be following them around haha.

Paopao was independent almost 80% of our time here. 


I appreciated the cafe. They served real food at decent prices. The only downside I see is that its so hard for the boys to sit and eat when they can see the playgrounds.  Review of Food on my next post.

Water's free. (It's worth mentioning considering that this is a good money making aspect!)

I like that I can monitor the boys while I eat leisurely (not that you can do that but.. yeah, this thoughtfulness is much appreciate Fidget!)

In the cafe, there was cat walk. :D


Paopao showed them what he's got lolz.

My Paopao left his heart at Fidgets. haha.. see he's having ice cream date with his new friend.

Party Area

More than Play

They also got activity rooms. 

They have a Movie area showing Shrek when we visited.

An art studio, For the artists!

Looks like baking is going to be fun here.

Well, Fidgets is very far from us. We got unlimited playtime for $10 for their June promo. But it was most Definitely worth the trip! Ate Meh, Paopao and I all agree that this is by far the best playground we have been in Singapore.

Edit: Paopao lost his taxi car (his favorite) and his hat. He was too excited to go in that he dropped all his stuff when we arrived. Ate Meh was busy with Mamon while I was busy with the registration. I wish they would make registration easier and faster to avoid this. The kids will always be super excited to see a playground. I also forgot to get our $10 locker deposit. :( I sent FaceBook message but so far no update.

Edit: And they found the cap! How awesome is their service!

Here are some promotions related to Fidget's World.

$100 Treats for your mini me from UOB Cards

$10 entrance fee unlimited hours of fun. + $10 Cafe deals

Venue Details

Operating HoursDaily 9am to 6pm
Location200 Turf Club Rd
#03-10 The Grandstand
Singapore 287994
Official SiteLink
Cost$10 unlimited due to their ongoing June 2017 promo
Normal rate is $22 for unlimited playtime
Piggy Says

  • Awesome amenities
  • Great Staff
  • Big play area
      • Location is not convenient
      • Re entry not allowed
      Final SayDespite the location, the place is worth the trip.
      We super enjoyed Fidgets and goes all the way to our #1 choice.

      “Whoever wants to understand much must play much.” 

      - Gottfried

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