Gallop Stable

June 15, 2017
It's more than what meets the eye!

I thought it was a hotel and bar. Sure they looked like they had horses but I've never seen one. Till today. And I saw at least 4.

The hotels are cute and looked like real stables.

They had horses for adults/ bigger kids. I thought it was expensive for $30 per 10 minutes. 😒

As we walked inside the ranch, we discovered they have  animal feeding.

A rabbit area where you can feed the rabbit for $2.

Horse feeding area. Carrots cost $2 per pack. You can feed them from your hands or from a shovel if you're scared like me haha.

And oh! Paopao loved the pony ride which cost $10 for 10minutes. He was the cutest!

10 minutes is too fast though.

There's a small play area for kids near the horses. Swings and kiddy rides.

But the real jewel for me is the small store. They got so much art stuff to keep the kiddos occupied! Super friendly staff too!

We had fun Gallop Ranch! We will be back!

The ranch would be a perfect spot for those Instagram pictures too!

Check out their birthday packages.

Venue Details

Operating Hours8am till 8pm
Location900 Punggol RoadSingapore
Official SiteLink
CostEntrance is FREE. You just need to pay if you want to feed the animals.
Or ride the pony.
I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice. 
- Linda McCartney

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