J' Kids Amusement - Katong Square

June 03, 2017

$25 for 11 tickets... Is like daylight robbery haha

And when you buy extra.. is like offering the thief you money haha

The boys were too young for these robots.

We spent 6 tickets on these flying carpets.. which were... bleh....

3 tickets per kid for every 8 minutes.. tooooooo expensive.

But I must commend the staff for really playing with the boys and not just standing there. And allowing both boys to go in for 5 tickets instead of 6.

Paopao had to some sorta beg before being allowed to play in this pool ball. Haha. He stood there and refused to leave until they allowed him to play! Good going Paopao.



Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not luxury. Play is a necessity.
- Kay Redfield Jamison

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