Jacob Ballas Children's Playground

After our play at the Fidgets, we decided to check out Jacob Ballas Children's Playground since we were already at the Botanic Gardens MRT. 

PaoPao's Jalan Jalan at the Botanic Gardens (Resulted to few bites on his legs.. despite the insect bite sprays... 😒)

The place is definitely picture perfect!

Quite empty when we arrived around 4pm.

About 15 minutes from the entrance we reached the Playground.

I personally do not like Sand Play. I think it's dirty. Fun yes. But dirty. And Mamon is at the stage when he puts everything on his mouth. So NO. We didn't try this.

The water play area was too small. And the toilet didn't have proper shower so the kids just looked at the other kids play.

We instead ventured deeper into the gardens.

My adventure freak buddy looking for butterflies.


The hanging bridge was fun.

Paopao fell down and he decided to save his shoes rather than his lollipop.

The waterfall made Mamon restless. He wanted to jump right in the water. 

I let the boys have a few rounds at this slide before we headed home.

On our way back more people were at the Garden enjoying picnic.

Important: Bring insect repellants!!!

Event Details

DateDaily 8am till 7pm
LocationBotanic Gardens
Official SiteLink
“Let Nature be your teacher.” 
– William Wordsworth

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