Jalan Jalan at Geylang

June 02, 2017
Finally Paopao got his cert for completing the medicine for the preventive tuberculosis. After a painful tiring 9 months! After our last appointment where we picked up his certificate, we took bus to go to a warehouse sale and on our way we came across Geyland with rows of fruit stalls. I've never been there and thought it would be a nice experience for Paopao to Jalan Jalan there.

I thought this door was so awesome! Perfect for Ate Meh's IG pictorials! Lolz.

We have all heard about Geyland and what it stands for. I'm not sure if it changes at night. But the day we went it felt like the Philippines haha. With all the thrash on the street and the old shops.

Paopao reserved his cutest Hi for this pink parrot. :D

So much of who are are is where we have been.

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