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June 11, 2017


First saw BYKidO from BumbleBeeMum's page. I thought it was a very good idea. I joined by paying $20 (UP $30 by using Promo Code: BUMBLEBEEMUM).

I also got optional $20 voucher from Cold Storage. What came as a surprise was the additional HonestBee voucher $20. ❤️

With all the activities planned for the kid's holiday break having online coupon is so amazing. Think about all the savings!

Kidz Amaze

I wanted to go to SAFRA Kidz Amaze so I let Paopao join. It costs $65 for one membership. And will last till he turn 18yrs old. Pretty cool deal.

Because I joined BYKidO, I got 2 free Family Package after joining Kidz Amaze. (UP $40 each).

Now that we are Kidz Amaze member, we can enjoy the playgrounds at Member rates! ☺️

Smales Club!

Ikea's Kids Club Membership is FREE and they get Discounted Meals, Merchandise Redemption and others.

VivoCity Kids Club

1st year Membership is free when you register on Jun 17-18, 2017. And they are having a launch party this weekend! Watch out for our post on it! Or see yah later?

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