Let's Blaze Carnival

June 09, 2017
Spend $40 and receive Blaze Carnival Pass. Flash your Passion Card and you will receive 2.

It was too hot when we first came, so we only tried the motorcycle and surveyed the area.

We came back a few days later around 4pm. The weather was much better.

We queue up for Digger Adventure but found later that they only accept 5 years old and above. Good thing the staff allowed Paopao to have at least photo op else we would have a screaming toddler.

The boys didn't know how to climb the car bouncing truck. Thus, they ended up just playing with the ball pool.

Paopao tried Crusher's Catapult Game, 2x. But too young. No force.

Paopao enjoyed the Tyre Playzone. They didn't seem to have a time limit as he spent a considerable amount of time there.

The motorcyle was a hit for us. Paopao and Mamon both tried it twice. They allowed us to use the Digger Site ticket to the motorcyle because of the age limit in the other game.

And we are done! We one more slot free! So perhaps we will be back before the event is over!

Event Details

Date26 May - 26 June, 2017 from 1pm to 10pm
LocationL1 City Green (Outdoor Park), City Square Mall
Official SiteLink

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