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June 10, 2017


Very friendly staff. They allowed us the pay first then wait for 10am to come in. At least we settled paper works before the actual time. It helps a lot. Thank you. 

The lockers cost $4 for small and $6 for bigger ones. They don't provide change so bring coins. 😂

The shower area was very clean and spacious. Appreciate the hot and cold shower. The rain shower. The free soap/shampoo. 😂

Wish they have vendo to sell basic stuff like diapers, napkins.

Some benches for guardians to sit and rest

Drinking water is free.

There's Pram Parking

Play Area

The play area is small. Almost just like POLW. We had fun with the slides. Got a bit dizzy. I think I'm still feeling dizzy haha.

I think I really like indoor water playground. Paopao loves playgrounds Mamon loves water. I hate sun. This is the perfect solution. 

Hey, it's indoor. Not airconditioned. So don't worry about being cold.

We came in early so we managed to have the playground for ourselves for about 15minutes! How awesome is that haha.

There's the long slide, the fast slide, the green slide and the mini slide on the side.

Toddler area was spacious but didn't have much to play with.

I noticed that the place got crowded by 11am-1pm. Then we had almost 1.5 hours of less people before it became super crowded. There were 3 parties that day. So before the party crowd join the water fun we decided to leave.

Party Area

There are 3 party rooms. All are of modest size. I noticed that they allowed outside food. Awesome thing!😃


Eating is not allowed in the playground so when Paopao became hungry we had to earn the ice cream! Oh my gosh! I didn't realize its so hard to earn it through this game machine.😓

It's not convenient that you have to dry up and dress up for lunch then come back. But they do have a lot of food options outside the play area.😣

 Venue Details

Operating Hours10am to 9pm
LocationSAFRA Punggol
Official SiteLink
Cost$20 for family package for Kids Amaze members
UP $40
Piggy Says

  • Location is great
  • Indoor means no sun.. LOVE
      • Dining needs to go out and dress up.
      Final SayAlthough Sengkang Swimming Complex is not bad and cheaper,
      Splash is definitely a good place to visit again. The kids enjoyed
      the slides which they were forbidden at Sengkang.
      Some days are simply meant for playing.

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