Vivo/Harbourfront Weekend Playdate

June 21, 2017
We went to Vivo City to pickup the Vivo City kids membership card for the boys but the queue was crazy so we ended up just playing and walking around the mall and not getting the card. Haha. Will wait for the announcement when we can pick up instead.

The shops dressed themselves up. This Crocs store had a balloon arc which Paopao enjoyed so much.

The top floor of Harbour Front has always been my favorite (even before the boys were born). It's spacious, less crowded and it's got lots of kiddy rides for the boys to enjoy.

Here's a look at the very hot carnival outside Vivo.


And the crazy queue!

Slow clap for all those who got their membership!

“I came to parenting the way most of us do — knowing nothing and trying to learn everything.”

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