Waka Waka Polliwogs

June 07, 2017
I used our Starhub Hub Points to redeem two tickets to Polliwogs. Haha. I have to save money! It's our first time to go to an indoor playground that is very strict with the time.


It was stressful haha. We also got lost on our way because I thought it was at China Town. I didn't realize it was the hotel near Outram.


We didn't really try the cafe as we already had a heavy lunch. But Paopao did request for ice cream and the same ice cream (from yesterday at Fidgets $1.50) cost us $2.50 here.


Very neat nursing room and toilets. Cute slippers too!

Unlike Fidgets, who got nanny or mom's chilling around, Waka Waka got more grandparents haha. Just an observation.

Play Area

The volcano was quite tough! I couldn't do it myself! Kids are sooo good.

My boys spent a considerable long time at the toddler area. Maybe cause the play area was still a bit challenging for them. Its also a bit tight. It was sooo difficult to follow the boys around. Well, you might say don't. But my Mamon is special and needs guidance thus the difficulty.

I think that Waka Waka's Toddler area is good compared to others (except Fidget World's)

Paopao and the yoga ball. 

The boys didn't even try to play on certain areas.

Party Area

The party area doesn't look like a big area. But pretty decent.

The limited playtime was a definite disadvantage. It's very difficult to keep time while the boys are enjoying.

Location wise its not the most convenient. Facilities wise its average therefore not on top of my list in terms of indoor playgrounds.

Venue Details

Operating HoursMonday – Friday : 10am to 7.00pm
Saturday – Sunday / PH : 9.30am to 8.00pm
Location407 Havelock Road,
Annex@furama (next to Furama RiverFront)
Official SiteLink
CostFREE! Because of Starhub Rewards.
$20 Weekday Pass for 2 hours
Piggy Says

  • PlayArea is not so cramped.  Easy access for adults.
  • Total Playground area is big.
  • Toddler area was good.
  • Location is not convenient
  • Limited playtime
Final SayWith average amenities and play area and cons above, this doesn't go to my top list.

“If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.” 

- Jean Piaget

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