Finding Piggy

August 25, 2017
You don't need to spend a million hours googling me. It's not worth it. My name is too common that you would find a lot. Even my mailbox receives valid mails from Nigeria because someone there have the same email as mine except for the dot which Google actually ignores.

What do you need to search about me anyway? You wanna get to know me?  You wanna find faults? Go for it. But remember that I'm only human. At one point I'll reach my threshold. Be warned that what you have seen so far is not yet my worst. I have zero tolerance for sluts like you.

I'm glad you found this. Grow some conscience. My son is 3 yet he already understands. Your sons are older. The trauma you gave them may not be visible now. I fear for their future families. I hope karma bites you and not them. They deserve a better mother.  Your husband deserves a better wife. My husband deserves a better mistress.

But yeah. Keep coming back. I could use the traffic. And yeah, you and minions, may just get what you're looking for? How about some pictures of your shit?

A wise woman once said - "Fuck this shit!" And she lived happily ever after.

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