August 26, 2017

As I always say, I am not very religious. I don't go to church everyday. 
I do pray. To ask him. To thank him.

When all things fail, I know where to find answers. Last Sunday, I really needed a breather. 

I look tough and all outside but I'm falling inside. And I'm not afraid to seek help. Because only when I've fully healed can I give 100% to my boys. And they need me. I always tell myself that.

As soon as we went inside, Mamon rushed to this spot. I know that place is not for normal church visitors. But I also know that if I force Mamon out of it he will throw a fit. We were told at least 2x that the place is reserved. With apologetic smile I asked to stay for a few minutes. And the wardens were so nice to let us stay. 

I closed my eyes and asked for peace and strength. I thanked him for keeping my boys and I healthy and happy. I asked to give Duckie guidance despite his atheism proclamation. When I finished and opened my eyes I saw this. "Reserved for wardens" (Wardens is what they call me and the hubby)

Thank you. I know you got my back Lord.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

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