Batam Trip

September 09, 2017
Note: I had to get out of Singapore. I had to get fresh air. My heart was full of anger. My spirit was in pain. I couldn't go far because of work and the kids schedule. My heart says I need a break. My brain says there's too many things to consider. I came to a decision to go after another meeting with the lawyer. I had to clear my mind and my heart. It was bad timing though as it was school holiday and all the resorts are fully booked. Almost at the point of giving up, I went to ask the last Travel Agency at the mall and wow they had this package.

Paid $300 for the whole package. I thought it was pretty cheap for 4 people so I really didn't have high expectation. In fact, I was a bit scared of taking it. Too good to be true. I was also worried about letting the boys join a tour. Can they make it. Will they be ok? What if Mamon have a meltdown? But I took the plunge. I needed this. I wanted this. Sometimes you have to take risks.

Day 1 : Day Tour
0700H Checkin at Harbour Front Centre
0820H Departure to Batam
0820H Arrival in Batam (they are 1 hour behind SG)
0900H Day tour begins!
0930H Little Village, Polo Factory Outlet, Go Kart
1030H Lapis Cake Factory
1100H The Illusion
1200H Local Goodies Shop
1300H Lunch was at Golden Prawn
1400H Batik Shop
1500H Chinese Temple Visit
1530H Massage at Go! Massage
1700H Mall, where we had dinner at Ria's
1800H Checkin at the Golden View Hotel
1830H Swimming
2000H Another Dinner!

Day 2 : Free and Easy
0630H Breakfast at the Golden View Hotel
0730H Exploring Golden City
0930H Swimming
1130H Checkout
1200H Pickup from hotel
1300H Checkin at the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal
1410H Departure to Singapore
1610H Arrival in Singapore

And the verdict?

  • $300 was a total STEAL! OMG. Totally worth it!
  • Kid friendly? It totally was! There were 8 other kids in the bus. Paopao even called them his girlfriends! It was so much fun for the boys! Even Mamon was so happy during the whole trip! No meltdown! 
  • Paopao was sleeping on our ferry trip back. I had an hour of me time while cuddling him. It was the best feeling in the whole wide world. It was just what I needed. Sea. Quiet. Hug from someone I love.

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.

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