Go! Massage

September 11, 2017

Still part of the package is the 1 hour massage. Super relaxing!!! At first I was gonna go for foot massage because I was worried about the boys. But the tourist guide assured me Paopao can join me in the massage room as long as he is quiet. Hmm.. Can he be quiet? I took a risk. If he makes noise we will call it off.  Annnnd? He was amazing! Super quiet. In fact, whispering when he needed anything. He just played with his car on the side of the massage bed. I looooved the massage! And I  looooove Paopao! Mwah! Thank you Baby!

Ate Meh on the other hand opted for Foot Massage (which she regrets because Mamon was super behaved during the entire treatment!)

Trust me. You need me to knead you.

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