Golden Prawn Batam

September 11, 2017
Seafood Lunch was served at Golden Prawn as part of the tour. Our friendly tourist guide made the arrangements (of the food and the table arrangement). She placed us with a family who had 2 young kids too.

LocationGolden City Batam
OrderSet lunch
Total CostFREE
Official SiteLINK

Note: 1 lower, 5 highest

Final VerdictπŸ‘
Not to offend anybody. But we had issue with the culture difference. It was not cool to not have serving spoon and see strangers clean their spoons with their mouth before double dipping. Not cool. Not cool.

The boys were served Bird's nest because they can't have massage. Mummy enjoyed it a lot! πŸ˜…

Everything started with the soup

The crispy squid quickly came after. I think this is the best dish of the entire lunch.

I'm not a fan of this kind of shell fish cooking so I didn't really try this.

Crispy shrimp was super nice.

Another round of shellfish!

KangKong is love.

I liked the fish! Wish our tablemates used the serving spoon. I couldn't get my heart to take another serving after seeing their double dippings!

They served the fruits for dessert already before they served the chili crab so I really thought we were done. 

The karaoke session at the end of the lunch was a big bonus. My Paopao bravely went up the stage and danced his heart out. Haha. At one point I was afraid he would grab the microphone from the uncles who were singing Hookien songs! Way to go Paopao!

To Travel is to Eat.

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