Golden View Hotel

September 09, 2017
Never judge the book by it's cover. From the exterior of the hotel, it didn't seem nice. It looked old. The design were too fancy for me too. Golden stuff. 😅

Official Website:

We were pretty impressed by the size of the room. We had a single bed and a king bed. We had such a comfortable sleep!

The hotel had a gym, a spa, swimming pool and tadaaaaa... small playground! Our little hearts were so happy!

Photo not mine. The pool was all ours during our entire stay. Paopao, at first, was so brave that he tried the slide. But the water was so deep. Haha. He got so scared to try again and got contented playing at the side with us. (Gotta start that swimming class!)

Dinner was not amazing but it came with the package. It was pretty decent. We were given option between BBQ Chicken and Fried Rice. So we order 2 of each.

Breakfast was buffet and Paopao ate a LOT!

There are no wrong turns. Only unexpected paths.

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