Roller Coaster

September 02, 2017
It's an emotional roller coaster. Believe it or not, I forgive every single day. I force myself.

But when you go to logistics and commercials, you just can't help but get angry. How can a f--ng shaved p---y be worth all these trouble? Damn it Lizard! Damn it Duckie! How cruel and irresponsible can you be. Can you be so selfish!

ICA says they will review my PR as it has been approved based on the spouse sponsorship! Shoot. Let this be a warning folks! Do not apply PR as a couple.

HDB needs to review our situation on whether I can retain the flat as I'm PR and my kids are foreigners. See. We're bound to be homeless as I cannot afford a condo.

How the FFFFF can you do these to your own kids?!!!

Are you even human?

I seriously hope that every single sex you have is worth it. Sh1t that was really expensive slut!

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