September 09, 2017

My heart says let him see the kids. 
  • Even if I feel my young one still needs time. Paopao's been traumatized and is now terrible. 
  • Even if he only asks to do so when the bitch is not free. 
My brain is asking, so whats his plan? Keep the bitch and keep seeing my kids? Best of worlds? 

Only an asshole should even want to want to do it. And he clearly is one.

If you are reading, I'm not being greedy and all. My Paopao is having a hard time. He needs time. I wish you let us be. Time we need time. I need to free my heart of pain and anger I need time.

I'm sure you deserve to suffer a bit (even if that is not my intention) to pay back for you sins in order for us to recover. Can you make that sacrifice? Don't be too greedy.

Little by little. Day by Day.

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