Trigger Point

September 08, 2017
My anger trigger point is when my kids get involved or touched. I want the best for them. Anyone who dares to shake them up should be prepared to listen to my curses and face my anger. I am a mother.

Don't call this drama.  This is real life.

The one who created drama is you and your bitch.

In fact, I wanted out as fast and clean as possible. My kids and I deserve it and you owe it to us. If she's gonna dictate you (which she already started), the faster I want to be away. 

I can tolerate you but I cannot tolerate her. I have no feelings towards her but disgust. It's not even anger. It's pure disgust.

Nobody is trying to scheme against you because you did that. We didn't. Just because you are guilty of it means we are gonna do it to you too. Don't be paranoid. The world is not as greedy and cruel as you both are. There are still people in this world who want to live peacefully. Us.

You wanted this. Again I repeat, do not be greedy. Be a man, decide. You want her. Go. You don't want her? Leave her. Be on your own since you said you also cannot bear stand me. 

Conscience is the dog that can't bite, but never stops barking.

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