40 Mega Years

I've been a Sharonian before being born with Mr DJ dominating the waves while my mom was pregnant with me. Haha. Pinaglihi lang kay Sharon.

I would rent Betamax (with my mom supporting me) of The Sharon Cuneta Show when I was younger. I would buy magazines where she is in the cover. The only time I would watch movie in the cinema is when she is there.

I memorized all her songs. I watched all her movies. I cried with her interviews. I laughed with her shows. I even had a notebook with her in the cover. I recall fighting with a cousin when he called her jologs. 

I closed my eyes and offered a prayer when she went through depression. I cringe when she joined social media. I knew how cruel these bashers are. I prayed that she survive it with class. Well. She almost didn't. She is human. But I understood her.  She's been part of my growing up. Her music has been part of my life.

I stayed a Sharonian.  I loved Judy Ann. I read how she went to visit Sharon when she was depressed.  I hope she stays away in Social Media or limits it. It's dangerous. 

I was ecstatic to see her so happy these days.  Like a true blue Sharon the ASAP tribute made me teary.




Younger years
High School Life

Choosing to Love
Dapat ka bang mahalin
Maging Sino ka Man

Falling in love
In Your Eyes

Bakit Ikaw Pa rin?

Don't Forget Me

Kahit Wala Ka Na
Welcome Back Sharon. Stay and defend your throne. Be cautious though. Remember who stayed when you were down.

Everyday this Queen gets better.

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