Monthly Agony

January 09, 2018
I directly sent SMS to remind allowance. I get hated for it.
I go through a lawyer. I still get hated for it.
I'm seriously moving on. Living life the way I want it.
I'm not doing what we are doing now for anybody but ourselves.
I wish someone would realize that the world doesn't revolve around him anymore.
We go places because we are adventurous.
We go out because we are outgoing.
We love what we are doing. 
Honest to goodness, love our current state.
I'm not even asking for the money to make him angry.
I'm just getting what my kids deserve.
It's not going to me.
Nothing that I own is mine. 
Not my body. Not my time.  Not my existence.
No drama. 
Just honest to goodness truth that I am a mother who's just trying to give her best for her children.
I hope everyone go pass the anger phase. 
We are okay now. Why can't we all be okay?
Don't apologize if you don't want to.
Don't be guilty if you believe you shouldn't. Or Even if you feel you should.
Just move on. 
We don't need to be friends. We don't need to be civil.
We can be total strangers.
That's totally fine.

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