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February 18, 2018

The alligator bouncing  playground was so inviting that we had to come back and try it. We got lucky that the lady allowed all 3 of us in despite our receipt not making it to $60. Thank you!! 

The ticket was for 15 minutes play. We spent the first 10 minutes trying to calm down Mamon as he got scared. So imagine his annoyance when we had to go out while he was just starting to enjoy jumping.

I suggest you come late in the afternoon as the sun was terrible. The whole area was so hot and because we (Pao and I) were not wearing socks, our feet was almost burned.

More Details here:


Coloring activity at the event hall.


Photo CreditsStupigity
Event Dates12-25 February 2018
Official PageHERE
Address / 
How to get there
Plaza Singapura
Promo Code
FREE (1 entry for every $30 purchase)

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

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