February 20, 2018

For few days now I have contemplating on what the future holds for our family in Singapore. The expenses is almost equivalent to my income and I always feel that I'm not saving enough for the kid's future (esp Mamon who would probably need more in the future).

Once the divorced is finalized, I will have 6 months to vacate the current HDB. If we stay in SG we will have to rent. That would easily be another 2k expense. And it would definitely not be practical for us.

I have been listing the pros and cons of staying against going back. With co-parenting the main reason for staying. But it seems like it's also not working because I get nothing but anger in the last 6 months. 

Today, Mamon got hurt at school. FDW levy is raised to $300. GST is raised to 7%. Buyer's stamp is raised again. All these. All sides to just go back and start a business.

What business I don't know. 

I haven't made 100% decision. I'm still praying for guidance. Today God seems to have spoken to me though.

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