Autism Battle Plan

March 22, 2018
I’ve upped the fight with autism.

Early Intervention School
Mamon has been on Early Intervention School for almost 3.5 years now. The school includes OT and ST. It costs a lot per month. In fact, I have one colleague that I referred to the same school, still haven’t started his kid. He feels its too costly. But if Mamon don’t go to school and try what they can do to help him, then ? To me, it’s no brainer. This is a must.

One on One lessons
I have also tried 1-to-1 lessons for him for almost a year. I could not sustain it due to the cost constraints.

So instead of one-on-one lessons, we read to him all the time. Even when he doesn't seem interested. We continue reading. Always trying to engage him to talk. He likes peace and quite but for now, we keeping him occupied. (Of course still giving him his me time... mostly at school because teacher have more kids to take care of). But at home, we all try to engage him. My younger son, Paopao, is getting quite used to engaging his brother. He would always ask him to play. Offer him to eat or drink. Anything to get his attention to us.

Gluten Free Diet
I have recently started his full Gluten free diet. This one takes a lot of effort from all of us at home and at school. Hoping for the best results.

Mamon has always been on the weak side. Always first to be infected by any virus/bacteria around. Almost always having diarrhea, cold, cough, fever. Luckily we passed the hospitalization stage.

I have moved him out from GNC multivitamins to Propan. His appetite really improved with Propan. In the morning, he takes his multivitamins with Fish oil supplement and probiotics.

At night he takes Nano probiotics.

We just ran out of Propan and my sister has yet to send new stock. So meantime, I went to Holland & Barrett and found Pre-Vites plus Iron. Among all the children vitamins available it has the most b12 at 4.5ug. Not a lot I know. Will consult pedia to see if I can give him the adult B12 at 1mg. I'm also looking for somewhere that gives MB12 injection. I have read so many good results from it. If you know where we can get MB12 in Singapore please comment below.

Clean Air
So lucky to have friends who give healthy gifts!
My boss gave us diffuser for christmas and it came with lavander. Super calming!

These past few days all 3 of us were having colds and coughs. I had the aircon cleaned then changed to eucalypus oil which I got from Scent House in NEX.

A friend also gave Mamon blended Young Living Oil for cough and another for allergy and sinus. Today she gave us purification and thieves oil blends. ❤️❤️❤️

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