Autism Pains

March 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, my Mamon came home with bruise on his arms, neck, kili kili and ears.

I purposely did not write about it immediately because I wanted to make sure I have clarified the entire story with everyone involved. I have gotten the explanation and I have accepted it. Nobody really hurt him with the intention of hurting him. 

[1] I wish that the world would just be a little bit kinder. A little bit more patient. A little bit more tolerant to the less privileged. If Mamon or any other kid with autism haves a meltdown it's not because they are being a brat. It's because they want something which they cannot communicate. We should help them.

I do not have words. Why do people I trust keep failing me? So Mamon has autism. He needs help not hate. A little bit more understanding and tolerance would not hurt all you ‘normal’ people. A little bit of noise would not kill your ‘normal’ eardrums. A little bit of patience would not kill you ‘normal’ people. In fact, if he is going to be as evil as ‘normal’ people then he is in a much better position now being autistic but pure.

[2] I wish that Mamon can speak. To tell me who did this to him. To tell me where the pain is.

[3] I wish I could have protected him more. I wish I could have done more. I wish I had a dedicated resource taking care of him so that someone could have helped him. I wish I was there.

[4] I wish people would stop judging Mamon. He has autism. He's not a brat.  He's not naughty.

[5] I wish people would stop rejecting Mamon. He has autism. So what? Autism does not define him.

Autism is not a choice. Acceptance is. Imagine if the opposite is true.

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