Going Gluten Free : Day 3 : Minced Beef with Rice

March 21, 2018
[Gluten Free Day 3: Wednesday]

Scrambled Egg and Half Pear
Morning Snacks
Gluten Free Crisp Biscuit and Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar

Note: The granola bar was a fail. Mamon didn't like it.
Minced beef in tomato sauce
  • Saute minced beef in onion and garlic
  • Add chopped potato and carrots
  • Add pure tomato sauce
  • Add a little sugar and pepper
  • Serve with rice
Afternoon Snacks
Cheerios with Dried Cranberries
Pumpkin with Minced Pork

Note: Watch out for the recipe tomorrow.
Night Snacks
Half Pear

Note: We squeezed some lemon on the half apple from yesterday and it made the apple sour.
Mamon rejected it thus we gave him pear today.

He seemed more energetic today. He was even playing and riding his toy truck which he usually just ignores.

Autism can't define me, I define autism.

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