SuperKids Me! Festival

March 04, 2018
Some change of plans allowed us to go to the SuperKids Me Festival! We were gonna miss it because after Saturday school we were gonna go straight home due to the [dad's] visit. But because he changed his mind, we had fun at the festival!

My Paopao is so obsessed with his apple song. Imagine his delight upon seeing this apple man who was an assistant who was distributing apple balloons. Lol. This itself made the entire trip worth it for my little guy.

He made sure he joined a lot of the activities!

And he was really serious about winning prices. This is the 3rd festival that he attended where he found out he can win prices if he do well. So he gets better every single time!

Paopao was so proud of himself with all his loot! He was so happy that he got me an umbrella! Haha. Hopefully he doesn't force me to carry it everyday.

My Mamon also had so much fun at music activities. He was playing with the drums and dancing the the dance music! Will he be a musician or dancer?  I'm excited!

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March 2 - 4, 2018
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Marina Bay Sands
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It was a good experience for my kids. It's always good to play good competition.

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