Doubletree Hilton Johor Bahru

April 09, 2018
2 friends have recommended this hotel as a great place for staycation. My Paopao has been bugging me when we will go stay in hotel again (he loves hotels). So using my Agoda points plus the discount coupon that was emailed to me, I booked Doubletree Hilton for this long weekend.

We got the King Room. The bed was big enough to fit us 4. When I stretch my arms its enough to embrace my two boys. My heart is so full.

The bed was super comfortable!

The room was a bit small though.  But definitely much cleaner than the last one that we took here in JB.

The hot welcome cookie was very much welcome especially after the CIQ ordeal (omg haha).

The hotel is just at the back of Komtar but we took Grab to and fro the CIQ because it only took RM5. Why bother walking. :D

This staycation is our Cookie vacation. We got huge cookie from the hotel during checkin and checkout. And we got Hello Kitty cookies from the Hello Kitty Town.

One of the main reasons why we like Staycations is the pool. And Hilton did not disappoint. Wish they didn't allow smoking in the pool area though. It was definitely a disappointment.

While we loved the pool, it can get really cold. And we thank the jacuzzi inside the changing room.

Sauna was a nice touch too.

The view.

Hello familiar looking pen.

Loved this staycation. Except that it took us forever in the CIQ. I have never seen that huge area filled till Friday. It was horrible beyond words. Good thing is that my boys were both very patient. We were surrounded by Korean tourists so it felt like watching Korean Drama without subtitle. So.. the moral of the story is to stay away from the CIQ during first day of long weekend.

It's so hard to be sad when you're eating cookie.

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