Royal View Hotel

April 22, 2018
We booked Royal View Hotel primarily because of its affordable rates and bigger room sizes.

Bed Rooms 

Decent size rooms. 


Don't expect shampoo and soap or whatever. No bath tub. Many days it was smelly for dunno what reason. We were on non-smoking floor but on many days it smells like someone just smoked in the bath room.

We asked for early checkin and the clerk said ok wait for 30 minutes. We waited good 2 hours only to be told that no the rooms are not ready till 1pm.

So figured, might as well swim first.  The pool was ok but it was closed during the time that we wanted to swim. The staff at the entrance of the health centre never bothered to inform us.

The jacuzzi was good, but kids not allowed. So yeah. Pool closed. Jacuzzi off limits.

The shower room/toilet was big and nice, but doesn't allow Mamon in. Okay. Toilet also off limits.

View would be good if you chose that side.

The best part of this hotel is the play room.

If you plan on visiting Disneyland and Ngong Ping then this place is ok. It's quite near. But it's really very far from the city.

For Singaporeans, think of Jurong East when you want to go to Orchard.

For Filipinos, think of Monumento when you want to go to SM MOA.

With that in mind, I would recommend you find a better hotel nearer to the city.

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