Thomas Town: Thomas and Friends in Johor

April 12, 2018
Because mine are boys, we primarily came here for Thomas Town. The package that I got from Klook  was $32.90 for both Thomas Town and Hello Kitty Town. I got the tickets the same day, the customer service can print the ticket vouchers for you. 

Paopao being the more masculine was was so happy to see the trucks and trains.

Look at that truck load of tetris blocks. I did that. Yep I did with the help of Paopao and 3 small kids.

Tips: Check the entertainment schedule if you want picture with the characters. We missed Bob because we were not yet at the playground at 12pm.

You can party there too!

The slide was a hit to all of us! 

And we rode the Thomas train so many times! Paopao even went on to ride alone!

I think the 3rd story playground (Sodor) is the biggest and hardest in the entire park. My bones were cracking after few rounds of following the boys around.

The windmill was boring haha. But we tried it anyway!

I vote that Colin Crane drop ride was the best. My Paopao rode a million times. Haha. I wanted to support him till the end but really I was getting too dizzy.

Bertie the bus was too scary for Paopao but fun for Mamon.

The Helicopter ride was fun for Mamon, he rode it more than 5x.

It was too bad that Paopao's not tall enough for Bumbing buffers. So we missed this ride... and will make this ride as the excuse to come back again!!!

Perfect for that photo taking!

The place seemed small but when the boys started playing it seemed that half a day was not enough. Wish we came earlier.


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Event Dates
10am to 6pm, closed on Tuesdays
Official Page
Address / 
How to get there
Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Referral CodeKlook
There are tiger moms and there are train moms.

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