Adults with Autism

May 25, 2018

I had to pick up Mamon from school the other day because the teacher thought he had HFMD. I called for Taxi to pick us up at the school. The driver was a bit odd. He was an old man who looked uncomfortable when he saw me with Mamon. I thought he was one of those weird taxi drivers who despise kid passengers.

Mamon is a very gentle little guy. Despite having fever he is not fussy and just sits quietly. He makes funny sounds but it's not very noisy. 

Towards the mid of the ride, the uncle soundly blurted out. "That was an early intervention school right? Your boy has autism?"

I've never been shy to deny Mamon's condition. The more people are aware the better for kids with autism. So I told uncle yes. Sorry if we are making a lot of sound.

He said it's fine. But he's just sad. He is reminded of his kids. And our destination makes it worse. He then said he has 2 kids at IMH. Both diagnosed with autism when they were younger. Now in their twenties, he has to choice but to leave them in IMH as from Autism they are now classified as having mental / neuro issues.

Boom. It hit me again.

The very fear that I have everyday as I see my Mamon growing up.

When we alighted, the uncle reached out to Mamon. He held his hands for a long time. He said he really want to wave our fare to help me out but he is also in need. Instead he will pray for us. For Mamon.

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