Bye May, Hello June

May 31, 2018

Just like that and we welcome June and begin the second half of the year.

June is all packed. 

The boys are going for holiday programme. They also have to attend Saturday classes that SMU conducts. It's quite fun and education for them so I really let them join. Add to the fact that it's free.

Our helper will also be going for her 2 year mandatory leave. Everyone gets tired. And she deserves it.  Practically not a good month for me because this month I'm really financially not in a good situation. But my problems are mine. She deserves her break. So yeah, 2 weeks help free. Let's see if I survive.

Because I'll be away for 2 weeks at work, it means I only have 2 weeks to finish all pending items in my task list. Good luck to me really.

HDB's limit for our stay at our place is almost up. So move time is very soon. Very tired with all the packing and disposing of unnecessary items. 

Good luck to me. :D

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