Ngong Ping

May 28, 2018

I have particular fondness with Ngong Ping. During the time that I was praying for a child, my favorite aunt gifted me with Golden Goddess with Child. She said the goddess will help me conceive.

Making the story short, I got Mamon. Later on I got Paopao. I gave the Goddess to a friend and she got a daughter (they were waiting for a child for a long time too). She returned the goddesss to me and now it's with my sister. And ever since she got her, she's got 2 new babies and is eager to pass the Goddess to the next couple.

The day we visited, we were warned that the weather was not good and may not have cable car on our way down. But because we were only in HK for short period and we already have ticket we decided to give it a go. It was really rainy and foggy. We could barely see anything. Like a miracle, the sky cleared after we lighted a candle.

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