Palaisdaan Kamayan sa Ilog

On our way back to Manila from Bicol, we stopped over at this restaurant for a quick dinner. And boy was it such a treat!

My Yummy has always been fascinated with eggs and he was so amazed by the huge Ostrich Eggs sold here.

The mini-zoo was a pleasant surprise too!

If Yummy was so amazed by the eggs and the animals, my Mamon had the grandest time eating. He loved the food so much that he had 2 servings of rice! For just about PHP 1600 ( ~ SGD50) this meal was a steal!

Hopefully we get to drop by again here in the near future and with more TIME!

Be warned though that you have to have insect repellant when you visit because the mosquitoes were huge!


Name: Palaisdaan Kamayan sa Ilog
Address: Laguna Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

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