Snake & Saw

August 02, 2018

A snake entered a Carpentry Shop, and as it crawled to the corner, it went through a saw and hurt itself a little bit. At that time he turned and bit the saw, and biting the saw, he hurt himself badly in the mouth.
Then, not understanding what was happening to him and thinking that saw was attacking him, he decided to roll around the saw as if wanting to suffocate him with his whole body, and shaking with all his strength. It was so, unfortunately, the snake ended up being killed by the saw.
Sometimes we react in anger, thinking about hurting those who hurt us, but we are hurting ourselves.
In life, sometimes it is better to #ignoresituations, #people and offenses. Because the consequences can be irreversible and catastrophic.
It is always better to act in love even if it cost a lot, in the face of hate or idle words! Why if God is on your side, you will see all your enemies fall and swallow their own words.... 

#Credit to the source...

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