Legoland Malaysia

October 18, 2018

The trip to Legoland was made easier through a door to door transfer that we rented.

I got HM16 Transport through a friend's recommendation. No need to queue up at the immigration. And it was really convenient considering we got so many kids with us.

I'm not a Lego fan but I had fun playing with the lego at the lobby

WIFI is life.

These huge lego blocks was a big hit to the kids.. and kids at heart like us.

I wonder where to buy these rubber lego? We saw them including the pool.

We got a little extra treat as it was near halloween.

If you cannot solve the puzzle no matter how sure you are, maybe the lock is upside down?

I liked Legoland because there was literally no queue on the attractions.

  • The rooms were huge. We got 2 double decks and a king bed. 
  • There were more bed than us. We had fun the treasure box!
  • Generous amount of water too!
  • The disco elevator was so much fun. The kids were like robots dancing!

What I think could improve?

  • More shade and trees around would help. 
  • Music would help give the place a little more life and vibe.
  • Lower the height limit a bit.
  • Towels at the Waterpark could help and more shade. It was SUPER HOT.
  • They should reconsider closing a bit later. 6am is way too early.
  • The hotel pool was closed at 7pm. Then nothing else to do.
  • Even the restaurants at the nearby mall close so early.

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